We will learn how to enlarge the penis at home: folk methods, improvised means and their use

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Probably every man at least once in his life thought about how to enlarge his penis. Medicine does not stand still, so today there are a huge number of procedures that can affect the male genital organ. The most effective of these is considered to be augmentation surgery. However, due to the high cost, not every representative of the stronger sex can afford it. In this article, we will talk about how to enlarge the penis in the house. conditions, and is it even possible to do it. Read this article carefully in order to familiarize yourself with all the existing methods and choose the most suitable one for you.

Do I need to increase

If the length of your penis is thirteen to eighteen centimeters, then you should not think about increasing the male organ at all, since this size is considered quite normal for the European nation and can completely satisfy your partner. In this case, the problem is usually psychological. To solve it, it is still recommended to go to a psychologist. However, if you still want to make an increase, then read on.

What is jelqing

Many men wonder how to enlarge their penis at home. It is known that each problem has its own solution, so you can find a suitable way out of the situation and the owners of a small penis. Jelqing is the most modern and at the same time very old technique that allows men to increase their dignity.

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With the help of such a procedure, you thoroughly warm up the tissues, after which you begin to stretch them. However, it is very important to do such manipulations competently so as not to harm your health. Anyone who does it right knows the answer to the question of whether it is realistic to enlarge the penis. Get an oil-based or water-based lubricant from your drugstore before exercising. Find a product that has a warming effect. This will make the procedure more efficient.

Important points

Pay attention to the state of the penis during the procedure. He should never be completely erect. The maximum erection should be no more than sixty percent of the possible.

To understand how to enlarge the male organ at home, you need to figure out what kind of structure it has. The penis is not made up of the same tissue as other parts of the body. It is filled with cavernous bodies, which are well compliant to the stretching procedure. However, you need to know when to start jelqing. It is recommended to do this when very strong blood circulation is observed in these tissues.

How to quickly enlarge your penis by stretching

If you nevertheless decide to carry out this procedure, make sure that your penis is well warmed up. This is done to give the fabrics maximum elasticity. Apply a heating pad with warm water (but not hot) to the penis, or heat the salt and put it in a bag, and attach the bag itself to the desired place.

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Before you enlarge your penis at home, take care to induce an erection. However, don't turn yourself on completely. Make your friend only half awake.

Now squeeze a small amount of the lubricant into your palm and squeeze the base of your penis into a two-finger ring. While pressing on the penis, begin to pull them towards the head. Do about forty to fifty such manipulations, and then gradually increase their number to about two hundred. However, it is not recommended to touch the head of the penis itself.

Performing a special massage

How to enlarge your penis at home? Another technique is to perform a special massage. This method is very popular, since it does not require special financial costs, which means that any representative of the stronger sex can perform it. Moreover, this technique has a significant advantage. By making massaging movements, you can not only increase the size of the penis, but also significantly increase potency.

Before performing massaging movements, it is very important to ensure that the penis is warmed up. This can be done in the same way as described in the previous method, or you can attach a towel dipped in a decoction of medicinal herbs to the male organ. This method will be more effective, it will also have benefits for men's health in general.

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How to quickly enlarge your penis at home? A great way is massage. For the best result, experts recommend working with two methods: when the penis is completely relaxed, and when it is half erect. Grab the skin around the head of the penis and slowly begin to pull it back. Do this for two seconds. Then take a two second break. Also pull it in opposite directions and make circular motions, preferably counterclockwise.

Penis Enlargement Ointments and Creams

Today, the pharmaceutical market offers a large number of drugs for external use that can increase the size of the penis, and besides, enhance potency. Penis enlargement ointments have only a temporary, but very good effect, and therefore are very popular. The drug has an effect due to the fact that it heats up the male genital organ, so it is very well filled with blood. Due to this effect, the penis becomes about half a centimeter longer and acquires an incredible erection. The active ingredients of such medicines are usually ginger, ginseng, arginine and other natural ingredients. In addition, the use of the drug can provide incredible sensitivity for you.

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The ointment or cream usually lasts about three hours, so use it just before you start having intercourse. You can buy them in sex shops.

Benefits of masturbation

Many men wonder how they can enlarge their penis through masturbation. In truth, this is a simple matter and does not require any special techniques. All you need to do is apply your favorite lubricant to your already erect penis and begin the process of habitual masturbation. Since the fabrics will be warming up, the stretching process can also be performed. When your hand is at the bottom of the penis during the process, pull it a little, and when at the top, squeeze the area around the glans a little. This way, you can increase the blood flow quite well.

Using special pumps

How to enlarge your penis at home? Another technique is the use of a pump. Such a device creates pressure around the male genital organ, thereby increasing blood flow. The pump can be used even if an erection is completely absent, it is considered a very effective and safe device, since it activates blood flow with the help of pressure, revitalizes the cavernous bodies that no longer want to fill with blood. Due to this, the penis becomes slightly longer, and also increases in diameter rather well. The device also increases sensitivity and significantly lengthens the duration of intercourse. Therefore, both partners get incredible pleasure.

When using this method for several months, you can lengthen the penis by two to three centimeters and significantly increase its volume.

Using folk techniques

If you are wondering how to enlarge your penis at home, take a look at traditional medicine. There are several safe penis enlargement recipes without the use of any devices or techniques. However, in order to get the fastest and most impressive results, it is best to combine several techniques at once. Consider the time-tested folk methods of increasing male dignity.

  • Regular consumption of walnuts with honey. At first glance, it seems that this is just a delicious dessert, but in reality this is far from the case. Such a mixture not only has a beneficial effect on the state of the whole organism, but also helps to increase the male member. It is recommended to finely chop the nuts and add honey to them. Eating such a delicacy is useful on a regular basis three times a day before meals.
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  • Garlic tincture. A tincture made from garlic also has a good effect. Chop the garlic finely and fill it with vodka. Hide this mixture away from dark rays and store it there for several days. This medicine can also be purchased at the pharmacy. According to the advice of experts, you need to take it daily, fifteen to twenty drops.
  • Thyme tea. To prepare such a drink, you will need to buy dry thyme at the pharmacy and fill it with water, as if you were making regular tea. If you like the taste, then you can drink the drink undiluted. However, if it is too strong for you, add a small amount of water to it.
  • Lungwort. Such a plant can be taken directly with food, adding it to all salads or preparing a tincture from it. To prepare the infusion, take one tablespoon of dried plant materials and fill it with a glass of boiled water. Start taking the product two hours after preparation. It is best to do this three to four times a day, using one tablespoon each time.

Soda will help in the enlargement of the male genital organ

How to enlarge your penis with baking soda? According to many men, this method does not work at all, so you will simply waste a lot of your time. However, many representatives of the stronger sex note that baking soda can still make the body more elastic and erect during sexual intercourse. To do this, you need to prepare the trays by diluting a teaspoon of the product in one glass of water. You need to do such a bath ten minutes before the start of intercourse. However, you should not expect that such a method will really significantly increase your manhood.

There are also other methods of using this product. You can try baking soda massage of the genital organ. This method gives, albeit temporary, but a very good result, similar to the use of ointments and creams.

You can also scrub your penis with baking soda. Scrubbing will increase blood flow to the genitals, due to which it will become larger in volume and length. However, after the procedure, be sure to use a nourishing cream, as the skin will be very dry. Baby cream is best suited.

Enlarge your penis with soda compresses. This method is really effective, which is noticeable after several applications. However, even in this case, the result will be only temporary.

What methods are not recommended to use

As you can see, there are many ways to enlarge your penis at home. Some of them actually work, while others are disappointing with the result. There are also methods that a representative of the stronger sex needs to refuse altogether. This includes the use of pills, as well as hanging heavy objects. Let's consider what is the danger in using each of them.

Dangerous pills

Penis enlargement methods are not always safe for men's health. For example, using pills can do enormous harm. So, advertisements say that hormonal preparations for men can not only increase male dignity, but also significantly improve health. However, keep in mind that such drugs can help to enlarge the penis only in adolescence, as they contain a large amount of male hormones. For an adult, however, such a "medicine" can only harm and disrupt the general hormonal background.

doctor's consultation on penis enlargement

According to medical professionals, using hormonal pills to increase male dignity can lead to problems such as:

  • potency;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • the occurrence of somatic diseases;
  • disruption of the sex glands;
  • decreased performance and severe fatigue.

Therefore, hormonal pills can only be prescribed by a doctor if they are really needed, always after passing special tests.

Suspension method

Many men are interested in how to enlarge the penis at home. Some representatives of the stronger sex are ready to go even to the most dangerous acts just in order to increase their manhood. So, there is a method of hanging loads, which has been known for many years. Its essence lies in hanging heavy objects on the penis. This method really works and is capable of stretching fabrics quite well. However, the penis becomes much thinner and cannot maintain an erection normally. Such a procedure can also provoke tissue rupture and lead to male infertility. This method is not recommended to avoid health problems.

Surgical augmentation

If home methods have not yielded the desired result, a representative of the stronger sex may decide to undergo surgery. However, it should be borne in mind that such a procedure is quite expensive and complicated, and the rehabilitation period is very painful and long. Therefore, if you nevertheless decide to resort to this method, be sure to take this into account.

A penis length of 11-15 cm is considered quite normal, so doctors try to dissuade their patients from carrying out such a procedure, since in this case the problem is purely psychological. However, if a man has a "micro-member" syndrome or pathologies that require surgical intervention, then in this case the operation can be performed without fail.

With the help of surgical intervention, it is possible to increase not only the length of the male genital organ, but also its width, which is also an equally important factor in a full-fledged intimate life. However, try to find a method of home augmentation that is right for you, as surgeries do not always end successfully.

Information in conclusion

Every representative of the stronger sex dreams of having great manhood. But not everyone is given this by nature. However, you should definitely not despair. There are many methods for significantly enlarging the penis at home. Be sure to study all the features of their application and only then proceed to implementation. Use proven safe methods such as massage, jelqing, and do not forget about traditional medicine recipes. Give up the use of hormonal drugs, as well as the method of hanging. Such methods can seriously harm your health.

And do not forget that a large penis is far from the most important thing for a representative of the stronger sex. The main thing is health and self-confidence. But if you nevertheless decide to increase the male organ, do it correctly and consciously. Always put your health first and try to boost your self-confidence through other methods. Take care of yourself!