The most effective ways to enlarge the penis

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Men spend millions of dollars annually on phallus growth products. At the beginning of the 21st century, a shocking penis enlargement was registered in the United States. Californian guy D. Marshall gained 25 cm instead of the old 12.

In the matter of enlargement, 2 methods work: the surgical way or conservative techniques and techniques. We will tell you what to do to increase the length and thickness of the penis. A real increase of 2-5 cm is easily achievable!

Best ways to upgrade

A number of techniques provide an increase in the mass of the cavernous bodies, the growth of spongy tissue. Regular exercise stretches the tunic (the white of the penis). A man comes to an increase in length, girth.


  • correction of the size of the penis;
  • elimination of early ejaculation - exercises for length and thickness add the effect of prolonging sexual intercourse;
  • high quality erection, general improvement of the genital area.

Tissue stretching

The traction stretches the phallus in length. The body receives an impulse to enlarge the penis. Internal reserves are aimed at adapting the penile tissues to stress - the tunic that supports the ligament stretches, the volume of the cavernous bodies grows.

penis extender

Top pulling techniques:

  • jelqing;
  • seat;
  • pumping;
  • clepping;
  • stretching jai.


Powerful trick for increasing penis size. Practical use requires hands and a few accessories.

How it works:

  • powerful pumping of blood in the cavernous bodies;
  • the formation of a new network of capillaries permeating the penis. At the same time, decay products are washed out;
  • general growth of tone, endurance, erection. Men remain sexually active until old age, improve hormonal balance;
  • the phallus grows in girth and length. Jelqing on erections above 80% gives an increase in diameter, 40-60% - will increase the length of the trunk.

Jelq is divided into wet, dry. Technicians are distinguished by the presence of lubricant.


Klemp is a clamping of an erect penis with a clamp. It keeps blood in the swollen trunk. The exercise takes several minutes. The technique is suitable for advanced NUPs and helps to improve the penis at rest.

clemping for penis enlargement

The terminal uses cable clamps.


  • the best form for the correct execution technique;
  • quickly attach, relax.

The clamp is attached to the winding. It can be any, the main thing is to choose a dense material. Experienced cleppers use a neoprene mouse pad. The set time is controlled by a timer.

Penis sitting (foufers)

Lazy stretching is the closest analogue of the BPS pulling technique, designed to work with the upper ligaments of the penis. The exercise is done at a comfortable time. The goal is to increase resting length.


  • get up from a sitting position;
  • pull out the barrel by hand, holding the base of the head;
  • stretch between the legs;
  • place the head from the side of the buttocks;
  • remove your hands, squeeze your legs;
  • holding the stretched member, sit down gently.

When the penis is "numb", take a break. Repeat 2-3 approaches. The trunk will become longer by pulling the ligaments, upper ligaments.

Stretching with an extender

penis enlargement extender

The device stretches the corpus cavernosum, muscle fibers, stimulates the penile tissue to increase. The extender is worn for at least 6 hours a day. Choose mechanical (the head is fixed by a strap, loop) or vacuum.

The result of the training is based on the gradual increase in the length of the barbells. Men who wore the ex according to the rules achieved +2. 5 cm in length.

Stimulating blood flow

Powerful, irreversible progress is impossible without improving the blood supply to the penis.

water pump

LOD therapy (a class of vascular exercises) is carried out with pumps. The technique improves the condition of large arteries, small capillaries that feed the penis. The increase in length is provided by long pumping sessions. They alternate with a short rest. Variable load, relaxation stretch the membrane, the corpus spongiosum. The penis gets enlarged.

Air, water pumps work for progress. Warm water is more gentle. The result is based on the correct selection of the flask size.


It starts a strong blood circulation in all structures of the penis. The exercise is done after a hot shower, with and without lubricant.

massage to stimulate the growth of the penis


  • zone massage- fingers are put in an OK-grip. The hand is moved from the root, with moderate pressure on the trunk. Having reached the head, they return the grip back. Circular rubbing is done at the top and bottom points;
  • turtle head- clamp the head, rub the surface with a thumb in a circle, observing gentle pressure;
  • burning indian rope- fingers firmly squeeze the base, with the other hand support the trunk. The fingers move quickly up and down, performing 9-40 repetitions.

Massage techniques heal the prostate gland.

In clinics, several methods of surgical penis enlargement are practiced.

Surgical intervention

Dorsal thickening

Everyone has a partition between the cavernous bodies. It's like a steel band that inhibits growth and has a bad effect on stretching from workouts. The thickness depends on the individual.

Dorsal thickening test:

  • put on an extender;
  • stretch the penis, feel the thickening. The septum runs in the middle, along the trunk to the foreskin. Fingers palpable like a stretched tape;
  • the cavernous bodies near it are felt as soft tissue.
penis enlargement surgery

Fibrosis can form on the back of the penis.The tunica albuginea thickens with age, during active dry masturbation, due to regular stressful sex.

Sometimes chords appear on the trunk, affecting the curvature of the penis. The scar connective tissue runs parallel to the urethra. The dense formation makes it difficult to stretch in the extender. Both anomalies are surgically removed.To eliminate the risks, they warm up before training to increase, use creams to increase the elasticity of the skin.back to content ↑


During the operation, the surgeon dissects the ligament. A weakened supportive ligament releases + 3-5 cm to the length of the penis. The intervention takes place after taking tests, talking with a doctor.

The patient is immersed in general anesthesia. The operation time is 30 minutes.After trimming, the ligaments are wornstretcher, then -extender. The increase is observed in erection, at rest, visible changes are hardly noticeable.

Biodegradable Matrix

The matrix is a tissue engineered product made from a lactic acid copolymer. Size: 5-10 cm in length. In penile tissues, it breaks down into CO2, water and supports cell growth. Connective tissue grows into the matrix framework. For this stage, additional sowing of the patient's cells is carried out.

After the operation, the growth of the girth reaches 3 cm. When the matrix frame dissolves, the result will decrease to 5-10 mm. In fact, the technique is ineffective, but it is available in many andrology clinics.

In intimate surgery, there are hyaluronic acid injections, silicone gel implants. Both operations increase the girth.

Folk ways

Old recipes work well when approached without fanaticism.

Traditional methods:

  • apitherapy- a bee sting reduces blood viscosity, harmful cholesterol, increases hemoglobin. The poison dilates blood vessels, more blood flows to the penis;
  • penis enlargement apitherapy
  • soda and honey- warm poultices, massage, compresses based on honey - soda mixture give good preparation for training, exercises;
  • soda and honey for penis enlargement
  • herbal medicine andmedicinal herbs are useful support for augmentation techniques. Medicinal fees are necessary for libido, potency, develop intimate muscles. The best: sage, nettle, rosemary, horny goat goat, yohimbe, ginseng;
  • herbal medicine for penis enlargement
  • essential oils - used in massage techniques. Improves skin elasticity and blood supply. The best: ylang-ylang, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, thyme, sandalwood.
essential oils for penis enlargement

Home remedies

Manual stretching, jelq is practiced at home without cost (with the exception of surgery). There are a number of methods that can enhance progress.


Toys instantly lengthen the penis, delay ejaculation. The mobile way to resize is popular during sex.


  • open- leave a free head, retain sensitivity;
  • closed- provide an increase of 3-10 cm.

The best tactile sensations are given by products made of cyber leather. They quickly take on the temperature of the skin, are realistic.

Creams, ointments, gels

Local remedies support erection, enhance the progress of training. With creams and ointments, the penis grows faster with jelqing, stretching, massage.


Progressive method for increasing the length. Hangers are vacuum, mechanical. A load is attached to the penis, giving a tensile force on the tissues and ligament of the penis. The exercise is performed while sitting, less often standing. The result of training is +2 cm.

Pharmacological support, nutrition, dietary supplements

Deficiency of vitamins, amino acids, micro-, macronutrients inhibits the growth of the penis in length and thickness.

Healthy foods:

  • gifts of beekeeping;
  • spinach, asparagus, celery;
  • pumpkin oil;
  • nuts;
  • seafood;
  • sour cream.

Vitamins, amino acids, minerals:

vitamins for penis enlargement
  • vitamin E, C, arginine- for general sexual health, strengthening blood vessels, blood flow. Needed on days of active training;
  • zinc- for libido, iron potency, quick recovery after exercise, better return from vascular programs;
  • selenium- keeps male androgens, improves sperm parameters.

How to increase it for you

A specific way of correcting the size of the penis has not been developed. Every organism is different.The first grow from jelq, the second - from clemp, the third is helped by a combo. . . A successful start is based on proper nutrition and a competent beginner's program.

The first trainings are directed to working out the foundation. At the second stage, they begin to stretch the tunic. The exercise cycle ends with an internal stretching of the ligaments. This is a conservative program, after which they practice a hanger, a pump, an ex.


Increasing the size of the phallus requires good health and a stable nervous system. In conditions of stress, illness, success is unlikely.


  • age beyond 18-60 years old;
  • genitourinary, venereal infections;
  • crayfish;
  • acute cardiovascular failure;
  • ulcers, wounds, damage to the skin of the penis;
  • psychical deviations.


There are safe, effective methods for increasing the length of the phallus. If a man is not diagnosed with a micropenis and a small penis, he can practice manual augmentation techniques, training with devices.